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Camps for children with Autism, Aspergers and ADHD

2017 Summer Camp Programs are...

Beginner: No prior experience necessary.

All Blue Compass Wilderness Camps are overnight programs.

All Wilderness Camp Programs are Co-Ed.

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Please note that deposits are nonrefundable once the camper is accepted. Full tuition is due by May 15th to retain the spot (or if applying after May 15th, full tuition is due at time of acceptance). If you must cancel for verifiable illness or emergency, we will split the tuition loss with you. If we discharge a camper early for a medical reason in the first half of the session, half tuition will be refunded; in the second half, there is no refund. Travel Insurance is available that would offset this tuition lose, (we are not affiliated with any insurance companies) but Google would provide you with options. If your child is discharged due to behavioral issues there is no refund.