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Is This Right for My Child?

Our programs are designed for kids, teens and young adults who can benefit from a small, supportive group of similar peers who are led by experienced and compassionate staff.  We hope the following will help you to determine if we are a good fit for your child.


  • We will generally accept kids within 1 year of our stated age range.  (i.e. we will take a 12 year old on a 13-17 y/o program if the parent feels their kid can fit in OK with older kids).
  • We heavily honor parent perspective on what age range their kid fits best with.  A phone call or email to our main office will help you to make this determination. We are eager to help!  971-221-6441


  • All of our programs are co-ed. At Ranch Camp we offer a Boy's cabin and a Girl's cabin, staffed with same gender counselor.

Physical Ability:

  • ALL physical ability levels can participate in all of our programs.
  • For backpacking and sea kayaking, we strive to create “Just Challenging Enough” programs that challenge individuals and the group.
  • We make it a goal to make it into camp each evening on expedition programs before dark (usually around 2:30pm) so that campers have plenty of time to make camp, cook food, and relax.
  • About 4-5 hours of travel time per day is expected for backpacking and sea kayaking programs.

Social Ability:

  • Many of our campers love to talk when they feel safe and comfortable.
  • Not all of our campers love to listen to others talk, which is why we teach them how to be interested in others.
  • All of our campers want to make and maintain relationships, and this skill comes more naturally to some and needs work for others. In summary, our campers have a wide range of social abilities, but amazingly, they all fit together quite nicely,  like a colorful salad made up of a bunch of different and unique ingredients.
  • We pride ourselves in our ability to quickly integrate your child into our program through laughter, encouragement and "listening" to your child's verbal and non-verbal cue's.

Cognitive Abilities:

  • Most of our campers are of average intelligence or above.
  • We believe the way our campers think is amazing! Our campers often help us to see and hear perspectives that we would never otherwise be privy too.

Our Inclusionary Criteria:

  • A child must be able to communicate his/her needs and have the capacity to understand and follow staff direction.
  • Child must be able to meet his/her basic needs such as feeding, managing hygiene, and toileting independently.
  • No history of serious suicide attempts or substantial potential for suicide risk.
  • No history of significant interpersonal violence. No threats of self-harm to self or toward others others. (including staff members)
  • Be self-sufficient enough that they can flourish with a 3 to 1 camper to counselor ratio.
  • We require parents carefully answer all the questions on our registration forms. At our discretion we may require more information from you to validate your child's ability to attend specific camp programs.
  • Children who have recent history of physical aggression towards others.
  • Physical conditions or diseases limiting his/her ability to safely hike up to 5 miles a day, carry a 30 pound backpack, or paddle up to 6 miles per day or to endure extended outdoor living in cold, wet, or hot weather.  (N/A for The Lemonade Company, Ranch Camp and Treasure Island)
  • Children with diabetes need to have successfully managed their health in settings other than their primary residence.