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Step 1 - Know our Payment Policy:

  • Before April 15th you may elect to pay for your camp in full OR make a non-refundable deposit of $200 and pay the remaining balance on or before April 15th.  If you register after April 15th, all fees for camp are due at the time you are completing your on-line application.

Step 2 - Know our Cancellation Policy:

  • If you need to cancel before April 15th  we will refund the tuition fees, minus the $200 deposit.
  • If you need to cancel after April 15th, there will be no cash refunds. Your camper may transfer to another one of our programs with remaining availability, if your child meets the qualifications. Due to trip planning logistics, it is the discretion of the lead guide whether to allow "last minute" additions to specific wilderness trips.
  • If you must cancel for a verifiable illness or emergency after May 15th, we will split the tuition loss with you, minus the $200 deposit.
  • If we discharge a camper early for medical reasons in the first half of the session, half of the tuition fees will be refunded; in the second half there will be no refund.
  • If a camper is discharged for behavioral issues, there will be no tuition refunded.
  • Travel Insurance is available to cover the costs of cancellation due to illness or emergency. Do a "Google" search, to find a plan that works for your budget.

Step 3 - Online Application

  • After you have successfully completed all of the on-line application requirements, including waivers, medical release, camper information forms and payment requirements your child will be registered for their camp selection.
  • After completing your on-line registration you can easily return to your account by following the prompts on the on-line registration site. We will email a comprehensive trip pack after the completion of the on-line registration. This will include trip drop off and pick up location, itinerary and a REQUIRED gear list. If you have any questions about any of the gear requirements prior to your child's trip, please contact us. Blue Compass Camps' lead guide will inspect gear at time of arrival and it is up to their discretion if the gear is appropriate for the specific wilderness trips.
  • On-line registration will require information regarding your child's medical history, current prescriptions, and information related to their social interactions with other campers. Please have your credit card and camper medication information (if applicable) ready.
  • It should take about 30 minutes to complete.


   Extra Fee's-

  • We will (attempt) to accommodate dietary restrictions. If your child's diet is "complex", we ask that you purchase the food necessary for a successful camp experience for your child. Blue Compass Camps will not refund the cost of this food. The Ranch Camp kitchen can generally accommodate most restrictions, and food allergies. They are a "nut free" camp! Regrettably on our backcountry trips this becomes more problematic because of weight, time spent preparing multiple meals and limited cookware. Please contact us with your specific restriction to discuss accommodations.
  • We will also be implementing a $85 per week for one dietary restriction (GF, CF, Dye-Free, Vegetarian, etc.); add $15 per week for each additional restriction (e.g., GF + CF + vegetarian = $115 per week).  We will discuss this with each family individually, depending on the severity of the restriction.  

Scholarships -

Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT)

  • Blue Compass Camps is affiliated with Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) of Washington. If you are interested in applying for a Ben's Funds scholarship for your child. Please contact them or reach out to our Program Director: Joel Thompson at Blue Compass Camps.
  • Link to Contact Information: "FEAT Contact Information"
  • Link to Scholarship site: "FEAT Scholarship/Grants"


  Autism Speaks Mt. Baker Scholarship

  • Blue Compass Camps is affiliated with Autism Speaks and we are very pleased to offer a Mt. Baker Scholarship. If you are interested in applying for a Mt. Baker scholarship for your child, please contact Joel at Blue Compass Camps at 971-221-6441.


   Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA)

  •  If you receive respite care, you may be eligible for funds for our camp programs. Contact your DDA Representative for more details. 


We will be glad to answer any questions you may have. We can be reached at (971)221-6441 or by email at

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