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Our Mission...

To guide our campers toward personal & social growth through motivating outdoor adventures.

Our Core Values...

Self Confidence

  • Self Confidence is a goal that we guide our campers to achieve by teaching them to be aware of and accept their strengths and limitations.  We help campers to rely on themselves and others by pushing past comfortable limits and learning to trust others to achieve personal & social growth.

Healthy Relationships

  • We value healthy and functional relationships as a necessary ingredient to successful living.  We foster healthy relationships in our programs through staff modeling, creating a positive, supportive culture within the peer group, and facilitating games and activities which allow campers to practice social skills.


  • Late one night, warm in their sleeping bags, a group of campers were nearly asleep when one camper quietly said “knock knock”. He was referring to a joke that they had been laughing about throughout the day and the effect of this quiet invitation was that every camper in the cabin was instantly giggling and snorting and hooting uncontrollably. We value Giggles as an essential life experience that everyone deserves and we strive to facilitate as much Giggling as possible every summer.

Social Contribution

  • One of our wishes for our campers is for them to become engaged contributors to society.  As a member of a family, friendship, community or workforce, we want our campers to develop the social confidence to effectively share their unique perspectives and gifts, as well as accept influence from others when appropriate.


  • We believe wilderness holds great value as a teaching environment due to natural challenges such as weather, terrain, and primitive living routines that cannot be wished away. By facing the elements campers are motivated to alter their behavior and choices, becoming more flexible, improving decision making, and building hardiness (the ability to manage the inevitable ‘bumps in the road’ in life). Additionally, we honor the wilderness as a privilege, and do our best to be aware of and reduce our impact on it.


  • Our adventure programs are designed to position our campers for success.  We believe that exploration into the unknown is exciting and teaches us about ourselves as we navigate through challenge & novelty.

Social Justice

  • We are committed to making our program accessible to as broad a range of campers as possible. Additionally, we model respect for every human being based on their unique contribution to the world, and work toward that goal by living with and teaching patience, empathy & compassion.